Through the Lenses: Modeling Competition A6 & Scores

For the sixth assignment we had to do a pretty nature shot, with soft shades.


Nature B&W


High fashion 9.5/10
Model expression 9/10
Relativity to assignment 9/10
Quality 9.5/10
Overall Appearance 9.5/10
Model Appearance 9/10
Creativity 9/10
TOTAL: 64.5/70
Comments: So beautiful! I love the emotions that come out of this photo! This photo is so soft with just the right balanced amount of white and grey tones. The pose is high fashion but also gorgeous for being in nature. I love the subtle makeup choice as well. I also like how it looks like Analeigh is emerging from behind the bushes and vines as well. The only thing is, I which those leaves weren’t along her chin because I think they look a little awkward. The photo would still be beautiful and fitting in with the requirements had those leaves not been there. But nevertheless, beautiful photo!



I got first place for this assignment! ^-^ I think this was one of my favorites to do. :3


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