I’m Home Free!

Hey everybody!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog of mine so I felt like I should get working on that. First of all, today was my last day of school, and you know what that means? It means I’m home free!! Honestly, for some reason it doesn’t feel like it’s the last day of school for me. It’s like I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and I’ll start getting ready for school and then I’ll realize that my parents and my sister are still sleeping. The realization that summer has started will probably hit me near the end of July. lol. yeah. Maybe its because my school doesn’t do anything special to celebrate the end of the year and I didn’t go to Prom so I don’t know. Yeah, not much I can do about that. But I am happy and very much relieved that it’s all over.

So now that school is over I have soo much more free time! Because of this I am going to be co-hosting this fairy tale comp (more details later!) with a fellow simming friend of mine. Right now we are making all the headers and such and ahh!!! I just can’t wait to launch it! I hope you all decide to join, it will be so much fun! :3

With the coming of summer I hope to be able to update this blog a little more often than I have this past year. However, I do want to spend my time in the sun and not on the computer all day. And honestly guys . . I’m out of shape. Not like morbidly out of shape but the kind of out of shape where if I run up the stairs super fast I’ll start panting. haha. yeah. not funny.

Also, during the last weak of school I’ll be going on a vacation to the beach (I will not specify where exactly for I don’t want any creepy stalkers finding me) and I can’t wait! In celebration of this occasion I bought some new bikinis and tankinis for me to wear from Target! My old ones were to small on me so I had to get some new ones. But enough of that. I hope that you guys are having a somewhat enjoyable day and I wish you all a great summer!!



A little update on life

Hello my fellow readers!


Sorry for not updating too much several things have been going about in my life right now so I don’t know, I just didn’t have the energy or the will to do these things. So let me give you guys an update. So, where to start? Ah yes, so my computer ever since that last episode and I posted that everything was well and yadda yadda. Well, not exactly. So for whenever I went on my sims computer I could only do one thing at a time. Which means that if I decide play sims and when I’m done and let’s say I want to go on the web for a bit my computer would completely spazz out and freeze or just shut down. So I would end up turning off my computer. But I didn’t even bother going on the internet on my sims computer because of that. So if I wanted to post some pictures to the web or even edit them I had to transfer them to my other computer. I was still able to play sims but I couldn’t play for fun or too long and I had to save like every other minute and sometimes my game or computer would crash during the save! It was horrible. XO


At first when this happened my dad offered to just give me a better computer and update it to Windows 7 (I had Windows XP) but if  I did this I would have to re install all my games. The problem with that was that I didn’t have the code to my sims 3 base game. So we didn’t do that and my dad just fixed it halfway. So last weekend I allowed my dad to fix it all the way because I knew a way to get a base game code. I went on to the EA website and talked to one of their employee peeps to find out a way to possibly get a new code. And thank god they did give me a new code. So long story short, my computer is fixed! Yay!

Also, around this time I had finished exams and right now I’m feeling really sick and my nose is just stuffy and icky. I didn’t even attend school today because of this and partly because I was lazy and I didn’t want to take that silly math test I had scheduled this morning.

But enough of that and my complaints. Over the weekend I’m gonna have some extra time to update this blog (as you can see I’ve been doing  renovations on this blog already) and get a few posts up about my experiences with Seasons and post the last remaining pictures I had of my time with my witch that I made when I got Supernatural.

If you follow my simblr, you would know that I have a little personal legacy going on called the Seymour Family legacy which I’m thinking about posting on here, maybe, I don’t know. Also I want to upload some sims up on here because I haven’t done that in a while. And I love creating sims and ever since I got into modeling comps and magazines I haven’t had the time to do so and I really want to. And I’m thinking about posting more stuff that’s not related to sims more like my own artwork. But only if I have the time.

And yeah, I’m not sure if any of you read this whole giant mass of text but if you did . . I award you with this gif!


That’s all for now folks! -Dana

(p.s. I’m adding more gifs to my posts now to make them more entertaining . . deal with it. XD)

Happy New Year!

Hey guys! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! Tomorrow is my last day of winter break. I actually though today was my last day of break but its not . . thank god! I think 2012 was a pretty good year for me. But I’m ready to start anew! Well, I hope you all have a Happy New Years and see you all next year!


My To-Do Lists

I’ve been feeling very unorganized recently and I just need to sort things out. So here are my to-do lists, these are more for me than for you guys. But I just wanted to let you guys in on what I’m working on.

To-Do Lists

Sims Related

1)      Finish photos for Sensation Sims Magazine

2)      Update my blog

3)      Create a sim for my blog

4)      Create a followers gift for tumblr


6)      Organize my screenshots/modeling folder

7)      Post my Seasons screenshots

8)      Play sims

Real Life

1)      Finish the last chapter of nonfiction book

2)      Start the nonfiction project and finish most of it.

3)      Do all my math homework + extra credit

4)      Do the history brochure homework

5)      Study for science quiz, P.E. quiz and spanish quiz.

6)      Then study for the math quiz and math test.


Yup. That’s all.


Happy Not-End-Of-The-World Day!

So, it turns out the world did not end . .dang it  I mean . . yay! I feel bad for those who really believed it was going to end and decided to do something drastic. Well, there are a few hours left in the day so maybe it still might end. Hah, yeah right.

Anywho, the weekend is here! And this makes me very happy because tomorrow is also the first day of my winter break! Yaaaaay! So I have like 10 days to sit on my butt all day at the computer. But I still have homework  to do and I gotta get started on this English non-fiction book project due Jan. 8th and I have one chapter left for the book.  -.-

And the reason I have so much homework is because I’ve missed a lot of this week because I got sick with walking pneumonia. It’s different in that I don’t have a fever. And I guess I caught it  from someone at school so right now I’m on antibiotics. Plus I have to avoid my sister because she as the flu with high fevers so I don’t want to catch that as well.

And this is all thanks to . . . can you guess? School.

I’m not really sure what this post is really about. I don’t know, its kind of like an update on how things are.

I think I might most a to-do list a little later – it’ll help me keep stuff on track.

That’s all I got – Happy Holidays!

Gobble gobble


  Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I hope you all get to stuff yourself full and spend some time with your family/friends, and if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving please have an amazing day. Honestly, I have a lot to be grateful for; my family, my house, my friends, and all these common pleasures. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. So I hope you guys enjoy your day like I will mine!

❤ Dana

Updates 11.20.12

So you guys, following the pervious post; I have great news . . my dad was able to fix my hard-drive. And I didn’t have to reinstall sims 3! But because of this I now know I should back-up all my information incase something like this happens again and can’t be fixed. I’m very relieved and happy.  And thank you Ouchie for your help, I’m still planning on finding out my base game code just incase. Plus I have the rest of this week off because of Thanksgiving so I have time to play sims, yay!

Okay what else? Oh yeah updates on what’s going on. First off, I’m not sure if I told you, but I am currently judging in this comp over at the officials called Once Upon a Time (cycle 2.) I’m starting to judge comps to get some experience and maybe someday start a comp of my own. Sadly sign-ups have been over for a while so you can’t join but feel free to lurk and check out the awesome entries for each assignment.

Also, Adoptacy, don’t worry about it you guys, because of Thanksgiving break I will have time to work on it! And this next chapter is gonna be huge and very dramatic so I want it to turn out good and take my time on it. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I will not say anymore on that matter.

I’m starting to get bored with my blog’s appearance so I’m planing on giving it a makeover so don’t be concerned if you pop on here a little while later and all this funky stuff is going on. But maybe I won’t I’m not sure, I might just change the banner and color scheme, who knows?

That’s all I guess, happy tuesday everybody!