‘Shop Me Shunning Set 12 :: Heated Romance

So I joined the next round of ‘Shop Me Shunning and I won the Non-Hair editing category . .again! 😮

Evie: This is gorgeous Sassy. I just wish it was bigger D:. I’d love to see the fine details of the grass skirt a bit larger, but that isn’t too much of a big deal. Props to you for actually taking the time to get your photo in game rather than just finding one on the web and slapping it on. Though, in this case, you might have even been able to get away with that because for the one fact that you put so much effort into their outfits. I love that the grass skirts look hand drawn (are they? They look fantastic), even the band on Vincent’s skirt is perfectly detailed, shaded, and highlighted. The small bits of face paint add so much to the general idea of the photo, even though it’s small, it gives more of that tribal feel. From the flower in Noelle’s hair to the grass anklets on Vincent’s feet, all of it has such amazing detail, and your effort is shining through your work here.

Rexy: Your entry was definitely my favorite for the Non-Hair Editing category, Dana! What sets you apart is that you took the time and care to add in a bunch of little details to Noelle and Vinnie, and to go in-game and take a gorgeous screenshot. Other competitors should really take note of your work! Even though this is a laid back competition, time and effort is still going to be what moves you into first place. Having said that, my only real criticism is the size of the image. Since you were given such gigantic screenshots to work with, I would’ve liked to see you have a larger final image overall. It would’ve really helped us see all that detail you added a little bit better. Even so, you’ve created a wonderful image here, paying attention to the smallest things, right down to the color of Noelle’s shoes. Nice work with that lens flare too. Congrats on first place!!


YAAAAY! I joined the next round aswell which is themed “Swordplay.”

Yeah, that’s it! ^-^


Twisted Finale & Scores

So the finale scores were posted a few days ago and here are the results~


Ariel’s father always reminded her not to go near humans; he told her that they are evil and vicious, and if they ever caught Ariel they would do horrible things to her. Ariel didn’t really believe her father so one day she went up to the surface of the water and sat on this rock and waited. She hoped to get a glance of a human being.
Ariel slowly got bored and started singing which is a big hobby of hers. Her father and sisters told her that her voice could lure any creature nearby into Ariel’s arms. She hoped that what they said was true. As she sang she noticed a young man on a little boat sail over to where Ariel was sitting.
Ariel stopped singing to look at him. The young man was handsome with dark hair and green eyes. The man was smiling until he realized she wasn’t singing anymore. Then his eyes widened.
“You’re a mermaid! Oh-“
But before he could finish Ariel snatched him, scratching his face in the process with her long nails, and bit his neck. Something most people didn’t know was that mermaids have long sharp pointed teeth like sharks which helped mermaids catch food. It might’ve been a stupid thing to do but Ariel was scared he was going to kill her like her father had warned. Usually mermaids hunted sharks and whales but never had Ariel tried a human before, and it tasted good. In fact it tasted much better than sharks or whale. Ariel couldn’t get enough from just this young man; so Ariel continued to sing.

Photo Quality: 5/5
Model Appearance: 5/5
Setting: 4/5
Originality and Creativity: 10/10
Dark and twisted: 10/10
Overall composition: 5/5
Total: 39/40

This was gorgeous, Sassy! I love the appearance of your model, the mermaid tail and hair look great on her. Her pose is perfect too, and the makeup adds a great effect. Your quality is great as usual, and I enjoyed reading your story. The only thing I thought could have been better was the sky/water in the background. There wasn’t any sun or clouds, so it was a little boring in comparison to the models in the front. Other than that, great job


Congratulations to Sassy for getting 1st place, and the runner-up Socal! You guys were awesome throughout this whole comp, and your entries were so much fun to judge. I really feel that both of you have improved a lot over the course of this comp! Once again, congrats, and thanks for making my first time hosting a comp such a great experience!


OMG I’m so happy! This was such a fun comp to be in and I do agree that I have improved during this comp. Socal was a great competitor!