Through the Lenses: Modeling Competition A3 & 4 Scores

So this round we were assigned two assignments at once because Elastic (the host) had to leave for a vacation, I believe? Yeah.

The first assignment was to do like a geometric type photo with little to no grey shades and then the other was to choose a country and then display its fashion.

So here are my pictures and score!



geometric b&w


Assignment Three

High fashion 9.5/10
Model expression 9/10
Relativity to assignment 9.5/10
Quality 8/10
Overall Appearance 9/10
Model Appearance 9/10
Creativity 9/10
TOTAL: 63/70
Comments: Awesome! This photo definitely reminds me of a mime!!! I think the pose is very high fashion as is the makeup. The hairstyle is also very fitting with the assignment and the theme of high fashion. I like the clothes and all the patterns. The patterns all fit together and it doesn’t look too confusing—it’s actually hypnotizing in a good way! I realized though, that Analeigh’s thighs are cut in half. LOL she is missing the lower part of her thighs and it looks like she is just floating in the air without legs XD (BTW, this is on her right leg). Great job otherwise!


netherlands b&w

Assignment Four

High fashion 9/10
Model expression 9.5/10
Relativity to assignment 10/10
Quality 10/10
Overall Appearance 9.5/10
Model Appearance 10/10
Creativity 9.5/10
TOTAL: 67.5/70
Comments: Wow! This is my favorite photo so far in the competition! You did a superb job with the set and the styling. I love how the photo looks so soft and welcoming. The windmill is excellent, the clothes are perfect, the tulips are beautifully placed/edited in (honestly I can’t’ even tell if the tulips are edited in). May I ask, where did you get the dress? Or did you edit it all together? I also love the hair and the little hat/bonnet Analeigh is wearing. To be completely honest, I don’t have any complaints XD




So ended up getting first place! Yay! And I did work pretty hard for this assignment, especially the world fashion one (phew, so much editing!) But yeah.

I’m sorry I’m so behind on posting these! Right now we are on the 7th assignment, haha, yeah. Plus school right now which I’ll post about later when I have the time.



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