Mabel Pines (sim) – Gravity Falls

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with Gravity Falls which is a cartoon television show on Disney channel. I know what you’re thinking; Disney? Aren’t you too old to watch little kid shows. Okay I know that’s true, but it’s jsut this one show! And it’s pretty good. But anyways, the two main characters are Mabel and Dipper which are these twins that solve mysteries and such. So I decided to make Mabel, no I didn’t make Dipper. Sorry. So consider this your Halloween gift! Enjoy!

Since I couldn’t find the perfect sweater for Mabel, I made one of my own with the rainbow on it. The sweater is included in her download (it’s a rar file.) I’ve also included her as .sim file or just a .simpack.


Custom Content





-Enjoy and Happy Halloween! ā¤ Dana


18 thoughts on “Mabel Pines (sim) – Gravity Falls

  1. Um so this is just slightly perfect and I am going to download her and breed her since the straight twin needs a mate and Mabel is just too innocent to not corrupt completely.
    Yes, I do watch gravity falls xD. I think I am into almost every single awesome random thing except for Dr. Who. I could never make it past Sherlock.

      1. It’s okay; when it does come out, your mind will be blown and my grades will fall at least an entire letter grade from watching and fangirling so much. Gah. But I’ll be doing college apps.

  2. this is beautiful! unfortunately, she isnt showing up no matter how many times i try to install and reinstall her. I keep checking the custom pre-made sims and she is nowhere to be seen šŸ˜¦

    1. Have you tried taking her .sim file and putting it in your saved sims folder in your Documents? Under Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saved Sims. Put the file in there and she should show up in the CAS premade place in teens since she is a teen. I hope that helps.

  3. Are you sure? It appears if you save a sim in CAS ingame. If not just go into game, make a sim, and save it. And violia! And its not a file, its a folder. Then just move it in there.

  4. So.. I just download the sim pack. I dont have to hunt down half the custom content right?
    P.S. Also this is 100% safe right? Oh I hope it is I love this show.

    1. Yeah you don’t have too, I have the list of the custom content I used. The clothing is mostly basegame. :3
      It should be safe since I’ve seen her in other games. No bad cc. ^-^

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