My Summer So Far . . .

So I haven’t been posting much on this blog and I want to make it up with this post! My summer so far as been pretty good! In June I went to the beach and then just recently I have been to Canada, which was a lot of fun. For my trip to the beach, my sister and I invited along a mutual close friend of ours, Bella. I haven’t told you guys about her but she is my sisters age but since my sister and I are really close, I have spent a lot of time with Bella as well so we are also really close. Anywho, during the trip we went swimming a lot and had icecream and it was fun! I also have some piccys down below I took to share with you guys.






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My University Adventure Pt.1


Hey guys! So I got University a while ago and I wanted to share with you all some of my photos I took while playing. So this is my sim I created just to play the game, Delilah. I moved her into a random house in Sunset Valley and then sent her on her way to Uni! Yays!

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Supernatural Adventure – Part 1

So I got Supernatural!!! Yayyys! I’ve been playing for the past few days so I wanted to post some pictures! There are going to be several parts because I have like a millions photos. So read at your own risk because there WILL be spoilers. So here is my playing sim, Isabel. And as you can see, she is a witch! :3

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Grace Ann – Retired Model

         I decided to take some shots of my retired model Grace. She has been my model for the first two comps I ever entered.  I have entered Grace in Perfectshot Cycle One and Simply Me. Grace looks different because I decided to shorten her hair, it makes her adorable, don’t you think? ^_^

        What do you guys think of her new look, or if  you’ve never seen Grace before; what do you think of her? xDD Personally, I loooove her new hairstyle ^_~

Generations Picture Spam Prt 1

So before I started playing, I created a sim. Meet Cindy Everheart! ^_^

On the first night in her new home she was robbed!! :O  (by a very ugly burglar)

Cindy called the police, unfortunately, they didn’t catch em’. The burglar ended up stealing her toilet paper! How rude >.

The next day she went to the park to meet some people. Specifically, a hot guy who she can get married to and have beautiful babies! 🙂

So far no hot guys around . . .

Meanwhile I noticed a very cute interaction being played out . .


After a long day with no success (she got a job as a teacher though) Cindy went home to cook dinner.

But before she went to bed, Cindy had to go meet the new neighbor that conveniently moved in across her house. And lucky for us he is super cute! ;D

BTW his name is Jake River

After some chit-chat, they went outside to gaze up at the stars.

Posed Pictures Part 2

I can’t access the sims 3 forums at the moment and I’m terribly bored, so I’m here to share some more photos I took using the Pose Player!

Feel free to leave a comment below to tell me what you think of the pictures.

And a little info on Adoptacy is that I’m going to take a one week break before starting Generation 2. So, I guess that’s it and enjoy your weekend!