Mabel Pines (sim) – Gravity Falls

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with Gravity Falls which is a cartoon television show on Disney channel. I know what you’re thinking; Disney? Aren’t you too old to watch little kid shows. Okay I know that’s true, but it’s jsut this one show! And it’s pretty good. But anyways, the two main characters are Mabel and Dipper which are these twins that solve mysteries and such. So I decided to make Mabel, no I didn’t make Dipper. Sorry. So consider this your Halloween gift! Enjoy!

Since I couldn’t find the perfect sweater for Mabel, I made one of my own with the rainbow on it. The sweater is included in her download (it’s a rar file.) I’ve also included her as .sim file or just a .simpack.


Custom Content





-Enjoy and Happy Halloween! ❤ Dana


a new model

So I made a new model because I was bored and I had a little bit of inspiration. Anyways, here she is!

Celeste Iverson

 Yes, she has blue hair and purple eyes. But thats why I love her! ❤

These are her traits;




Good Sense of Humor


Weird mix of traits, huh? I just wanted her to be different from my other models – more unique, you could say. Do you think I met my goal? XD Oh, and here is an edited photo of her.

– Dana

Working on a new sim . . .

So like the title says, I have been working on a new sim. I might even end up uploading her, but anyways, I wanted to see what you guys think of her. And if i should make any adjustments.

I dont have a name for her yet, so feel free to contribute some! =^.^=

1st Berry Sweet Sim

       Meet Cocoa Bean Sprinkles. I know she isn’t very colorful, but cocoa beans are brown. So deal with it ^-^, plus there is some color, pink, which is why her last name is Sprinkles, pink sprinkles. Cute, eh?

      You may notice some resemblance to my other recent sim, Ryann. Well, it’s because they are the same sim. I just berryfied Ryann, and changed some of her traits and Voilá!

       Isn’t she adorable!? I ❤ her and I loove coffee! I might berry-fy Serena next, so comment below if you have any ideas for what type of treat she should be.


My New Model

     OK, so you all probably know by now that my main model for comps is Serena; the blonde girl, and the one who is on the banner of this blog, but with different colored hair. Any who, I was in Create-A-Sim and I was bored so I started to make a sim.

      As I continued to make her, I fell in love! So I decided to make her one of my model sims. Which means I won’t ever upload her and I will eventually use her in a comp.  Her name is Ryann, by the way ❤