Happy Not-End-Of-The-World Day!

So, it turns out the world did not end . .dang it  I mean . . yay! I feel bad for those who really believed it was going to end and decided to do something drastic. Well, there are a few hours left in the day so maybe it still might end. Hah, yeah right.

Anywho, the weekend is here! And this makes me very happy because tomorrow is also the first day of my winter break! Yaaaaay! So I have like 10 days to sit on my butt all day at the computer. But I still have homework  to do and I gotta get started on this English non-fiction book project due Jan. 8th and I have one chapter left for the book.  -.-

And the reason I have so much homework is because I’ve missed a lot of this week because I got sick with walking pneumonia. It’s different in that I don’t have a fever. And I guess I caught it  from someone at school so right now I’m on antibiotics. Plus I have to avoid my sister because she as the flu with high fevers so I don’t want to catch that as well.

And this is all thanks to . . . can you guess? School.

I’m not really sure what this post is really about. I don’t know, its kind of like an update on how things are.

I think I might most a to-do list a little later – it’ll help me keep stuff on track.

That’s all I got – Happy Holidays!


Bad News

So, my computer broke today. My  computer with everything on it, including sims. It’s actually kind of complicated but it has to do with my computer not liking my hard-drive for some reason. And my hard-drive contains all my  information, save games, pictures, cc, just everything. My dad is going to try and copy everything from the hard-drive and try to get everything back, he says that part is possible. But that’s not one of the main problems, I might have to install all my games again but I lost the code to my base game. I know, stupid right? Ugh.

But then I thought, oh! I have a limited edition version of Pets that comes with the base game! So I went to go check to see if I could install it but the code didn’t work. It said it was invalid. So I went over to EA.com and to see if there is anything I could do and I came across this article talking about getting a replacement code for the game because it happened to a lot of people. So I sent an email to them and I should have a reply within 24 hours. If that doesn’t work and if I have to re install my games I think I’m going to have to buy a the base game again.

My dad also tried taking my hard-drive and putting it in a different computer. But since my hard-drive was originally connected to a Windows XP computer and the computer my dad tried putting it in was Windows 7, so it wanted permission to open the hard-drive’s info. So it would have to load for a while to open it and by the rate it was going it would take a week to open it. But even if it did finish I would still have to re install my games.

I’m just hoping that my dad will recover everything from my hard-drive and that I don’t have to re install all my games. But my dad is going to copy all my hard-drive information to a new hard-drive tomorrow at this work because he has the programs to do it there. I’m just hoping I won’t have to drop out of any comps or anything. Because I really don’t want to. Also, I recently got Seasons so I was hoping to play it today and post pictures but because of this I couldn’t.

I’m really upset.

That’s all you guys, I’ll update again later if there is any changes or if I got it fixed.

Sorry about this depressing post.


I don’t want to go to school.

WARNING: Do not read this if you want to read a stupid rant about school.


I don’t. I seriously DO NOT want to go to school.

I know I sound like a whiny little girl, but I just don’t have the energy for school. I miss summer already even though I have two days left, but still. I hate it, I hate school. I like seeing my friends and everything but I get tired of seeing them sometimes, you know? Maybe it’s just me.

But I know I need to go to school, even if my mom offers to let me skip a day I always tell her I can’t. Why? Why can’t I just relax and skip a day?  Because one day could cause a week work of catching up on what I missed. Who knows what could happen in that one day? A whole new lesson? A huge pop quiz that counts for most of your grade?!

And you know what else sucks? My school just renovated and added like a whole other area of classes and it turns some of my classes will be in that area which is like a mile away from my locker. You got to be kidding me?! Can’t they just decided on one area for each grade? The languages/art/PE can be in one area aswell, that would make it so much simpler than walking around the whole school just to get to get to class. And don’t even get me started about the lockers jamming and such. And parents expect us to come home happy and full of energy? I don’t think so.

Actually, I don’t mind learning and homework, because I’m not that bad in school and it’s not that hard. I get A’s most of the time but this year I’m taking advanced everything – I don’t know what I was thinking. Wish me good luck I guess.

I just had to let this out.

Sorry about that, I was loaded on tea.



Hey guys! I’m back from my vacation. Even though I do miss being at the beach I miss my home even more. I just realized how much I missed my desktop computer after two weeks of checking on my comps with a laptop -.-

Anywho, I almost forgot about this problem there was with my computer that I haven’t fixed when I left for vacation. The problem is that my omputer keeps shutting down for no reason. My dad is trying to help but so far no luck. I really do hope he fixes it soon, because I’ve been planning to join Inspiration Cycle 3 and I need to create the first assignment picture for the application and its due on Monday I believe. So yeah, I’m pretty worried that my computer is going to be messed up like this for a long time and I don’t know.

And I still have to update Adoptacy which I owe all of you for not updating it in a long long long time. Hopefuly my dad can fix it. If you’re wondering I’m on a laptop right now . . Other than that, I’m happy to be home and I missed all of you guys and my computer and my room and everything! That’s it. (:


Update on CC Problems

     There is one problem with the Adoptacy save file that is preventing me from playing it. Whenever I put Piper into CAS to change her hairstyle (because it was replaced with an ugly default hair) the game would crash after I clicked the check mark.

     So what I’m going do is that I’m going to go into the game upon up Piper in CAS, save her in the sims bin. Then click the check mark and let the game crash. Then I go back into the game, and delete Piper from the family. Then I open up the new Piper in the sim bin, move her in, make her marry Reese again. And everything will be  . . ^___^

    But there is also another problem I have that doesn’t affect Adoptacy. When I have all my cc installed, and when I go into CAS it doesn’t let change their name, physical appearance, body weight or their skin type or color!! This makes me very annoyed because now I can’t make new sims, or edit any of my other cc sims! >_<

  Please if anyone knows what to do please tell me! And yes I did try the sims resource solution, it did help with the crashing part, but this is different. Thanks.

❤ Sassy

The Sims 3 Pets Fiasco

I got Sims 3 Pets!! Yay!

        But it wasn’t as simple as going to a store and buying the game, oh no, not at all. So, I got home and I was happy and all that great wonderfullness. I turned on my computer and inserted the disk. I installed the update and agreed to the terms and blah blah blah. When the next part of the installing came up, the part where you put down code, I did what you would usually do, write down code. I clicked enter and . . . “Code not valid!” popped up at screen.

       I double-checked, and wrote down again. It didn’t work again! I did this about 5 times untill i got so angry that I bet steam was coming out of my ears. I called my Mom and asked her to drive me to Wal-Mart so I could exchange for a new game. Luckily the people working there gladly exchanged it. I went back home exhausted (I dont live nearby any Wal-Marts, so it was a pretty long drive there and back), went back on the computer, did the process all over again, and it worked! Huzzah! And now here I am.

And that is my amazing story. The end.

      By the way, I got the limited edition version. And guess what it comes with? The base game and the store. I have no idea what to do with the base game, I’ll probably just keep it, just incase I have to re-install everything, because I lost my orginal base game code, so yup. I’m gonna go play some Sims 3 Pets. See ya later! And I’ll post the pictures tomorrow afternoon.

❤ Sassy

Crashes and Hair

     A few days ago, I uninstalled lots of hair from my game. And one of the hairs I installed included the one Piper wears . . and  so went into the game to take pictures for Adoptacy, and Piper was wearing that ugly hair yours sim wear if you don’t have that hair they were wearing before. So, I took Piper into CAS to change her hair into something better. When I was done, I clicked the check-mark thingy and then the game crashed.

       I even tried again and it still same thing! So I went back to install the hair again and it turns out the was still installed! >_< I’m thinking that maybe her was probably a re-texture, so I don’t know. I’m really frustrated and I need Piper for this chapter. I don’t feel like taking the pictures anymore so I’m going to hold it off untill the next weekend.  I’m so sorry guys, and I hope you all understand.

❤ Sassy

The Sims and My Brain

OK, lets see . . oh yeah.

Sorry guys that I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been busy with school and stuff. You know what I’m talking about, right? >_<

Also, the news about Adoptacy; First of all I’m really upset with myself that I can’t get out another chapter, especially since I have so much time on the weekends and I don’t use to work getting a chapter out. You see the reason is I’m lazy . . . and I have a case of writers block. My mind is completely blank right now and I keep getting distracted. I was thinking of fast forwarding to when they adopt their first baby, but I’m not sure,  is that good idea? Or what? I just don’t know.

My game is pretty laggy and slow because of all my cc, with makes it difficult to take pictures. I’m slowly going through my cc and deleting the stuff I don’t want anymore and the stuff I know I won’t use. And all this awesome cc keeps being made and it’s just so hard, you know?

Just so you guys know, I haven’t spent my days just sitting on the couch watching  t.v. all day. I’ve been working on a sim for you guys since I haven’t made one in such a long time. I’m going to upload her near Halloween, since she is Halloween themed. Maybe I might make more than one, who knows? Maybe I might make a whole set of Halloween themed sims . .

  /\__/\          /\__ /\
 (=^.^=)O     (=<_<=)
_(  U      )         (  U  U  )_  

❤ Sassy

Wednesday Update

I seriously can not wait for the upcoming expansion pack – Sims 3 Pets! And I really do hope it comes with a werewolf for the monster/creature they do for each expansion pack. Probably the first thing I’ll do when I get the game would be to create a new sim, and give her a horse! It’s going to be so awesome!! n_n

Here is a website that has more info on Sims 3 Pets. It also has lots of pictures!


So now that I thought about it, I’ve decided that I’m going pre-order the game. It’s my first time doing this and hopefully nothing goes wrong. And I really do want that pet shop that you get when you pre-order it.

If any of you get the game, what’s the first thing you are going to do with it?

Also, right now I’m on my laptop because my “main” computer shut down in the middle of sims, and for some reason it won’t turn back on. @_@

This also happened yesterday. I don’t know why this happening, but hopefully my dad can find out, I also have a hunch as to why aswell. As soon as my dad comes home and fixes it, I’ll get to working on taking pictures for the next Adoptacy chapter, but I don’t think I can post by the end of today though. But cross you’re fingers!

 ❤ Dana