Through the Lenses: Modeling Competition A5 & Scores

For this assignment we had to do a uncommon wedding photo (i.e, no wedding isle photos, etc.) I had a lack of inspiration for this assignment so that shows in the results.

But I made it!



Wedding B&W

High fashion 9/10
Model expression 9/10
Relativity to assignment 9.5/10
Quality 10/10
Overall Appearance 9.5/10
Model Appearance 9/10
Creativity 9.5/10
TOTAL: 65.5/70
Comments: Beautiful and so creative! I absolutely love your idea and the set. The dress is beautiful as is the rest of her styling (I might have liked to see a little more in the makeup but that is okay). I love the soft grey tones as well, they are such a nice touch to this photo and idea. I think the set is beautifully done. I love Analeigh’s pose but I am not loving her hubbie’s pose. I do wish he had a little more of a sneaky pose—after all he snuck in on his wife when she was trying out her wedding dress! And the only other thing, is to be completely honest, I didn’t know she was looking at herself in a mirror until you said it. Maybe if you were looking at Analeigh from behind and into the mirror then it would look more obvious. But other than that, beautiful photo! 

High fashion 9/10
Model expression 8/10
Relativity to assignment 9/10
Quality 10/10
Overall Appearance 10/10
Model Appearance 9/10
Creativity 9/10
TOTAL: 64/70

TOTAL OVERALL: 129.5/140






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