A little update on life

Hello my fellow readers!


Sorry for not updating too much several things have been going about in my life right now so I don’t know, I just didn’t have the energy or the will to do these things. So let me give you guys an update. So, where to start? Ah yes, so my computer ever since that last episode and I posted that everything was well and yadda yadda. Well, not exactly. So for whenever I went on my sims computer I could only do one thing at a time. Which means that if I decide play sims and when I’m done and let’s say I want to go on the web for a bit my computer would completely spazz out and freeze or just shut down. So I would end up turning off my computer. But I didn’t even bother going on the internet on my sims computer because of that. So if I wanted to post some pictures to the web or even edit them I had to transfer them to my other computer. I was still able to play sims but I couldn’t play for fun or too long and I had to save like every other minute and sometimes my game or computer would crash during the save! It was horrible. XO


At first when this happened my dad offered to just give me a better computer and update it to Windows 7 (I had Windows XP) but if  I did this I would have to re install all my games. The problem with that was that I didn’t have the code to my sims 3 base game. So we didn’t do that and my dad just fixed it halfway. So last weekend I allowed my dad to fix it all the way because I knew a way to get a base game code. I went on to the EA website and talked to one of their employee peeps to find out a way to possibly get a new code. And thank god they did give me a new code. So long story short, my computer is fixed! Yay!

Also, around this time I had finished exams and right now I’m feeling really sick and my nose is just stuffy and icky. I didn’t even attend school today because of this and partly because I was lazy and I didn’t want to take that silly math test I had scheduled this morning.

But enough of that and my complaints. Over the weekend I’m gonna have some extra time to update this blog (as you can see I’ve been doing  renovations on this blog already) and get a few posts up about my experiences with Seasons and post the last remaining pictures I had of my time with my witch that I made when I got Supernatural.

If you follow my simblr, you would know that I have a little personal legacy going on called the Seymour Family legacy which I’m thinking about posting on here, maybe, I don’t know. Also I want to upload some sims up on here because I haven’t done that in a while. And I love creating sims and ever since I got into modeling comps and magazines I haven’t had the time to do so and I really want to. And I’m thinking about posting more stuff that’s not related to sims more like my own artwork. But only if I have the time.

And yeah, I’m not sure if any of you read this whole giant mass of text but if you did . . I award you with this gif!


That’s all for now folks! -Dana

(p.s. I’m adding more gifs to my posts now to make them more entertaining . . deal with it. XD)


Adoptacy on Tumblr

Hey guys! I bet you’ve got a good guess for what this post is about by reading the title well, you guessed right! I’ve created a tumblr for Adoptacy and one post at a time I will be posting each chapter on there so new readers can start there or you old readers can take a little trip down memory lane from the very beginning. I warn you though, by going back there you will see how horrible my pictures and writing was but no fear it improves as it goes on. I hope you guys feel free to re-read or you can recommend to one of your fellow simmer friends to check it out and perhaps follow if they have a tumblr themselves.

So, check it out!

Updates 11.20.12

So you guys, following the pervious post; I have great news . . my dad was able to fix my hard-drive. And I didn’t have to reinstall sims 3! But because of this I now know I should back-up all my information incase something like this happens again and can’t be fixed. I’m very relieved and happy.  And thank you Ouchie for your help, I’m still planning on finding out my base game code just incase. Plus I have the rest of this week off because of Thanksgiving so I have time to play sims, yay!

Okay what else? Oh yeah updates on what’s going on. First off, I’m not sure if I told you, but I am currently judging in this comp over at the officials called Once Upon a Time (cycle 2.) I’m starting to judge comps to get some experience and maybe someday start a comp of my own. Sadly sign-ups have been over for a while so you can’t join but feel free to lurk and check out the awesome entries for each assignment.

Also, Adoptacy, don’t worry about it you guys, because of Thanksgiving break I will have time to work on it! And this next chapter is gonna be huge and very dramatic so I want it to turn out good and take my time on it. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I will not say anymore on that matter.

I’m starting to get bored with my blog’s appearance so I’m planing on giving it a makeover so don’t be concerned if you pop on here a little while later and all this funky stuff is going on. But maybe I won’t I’m not sure, I might just change the banner and color scheme, who knows?

That’s all I guess, happy tuesday everybody!




My plan

Today was my first day of school. While I was on the bus I was pretty nervous – I kept thinking that I would get lost and end up getting late to class or worse. But it didn’t happen, I was even early to some classes. By the end of the day, I almost knew my way around, well I have a new set of classes tomorrow so I’ll see.

But this isn’t what I wanted this post to be about. Okay so, now that school is starting and everything I know from what teachers told me and such that this year is gonna be pretty intense. And by intense I mean lots of homework, working, tests and you know the rest. So that leaves little time for sims. So I think I’m going to be taking a “break” from sims. I’m not going to be gone I’ll post from time to time but not as much as before. I still have to complete Inspiration but I doubt I’ll make to the next assignment so it’s okay. And with Sensation everything is already worked out.

As for Adoptacy, that is on hold. I really don’t want to put it on hold because when you do that you tend to loose readers over the days and weeks its on hold. But when the holidays come I’ll have time to work on it.

And I guess that’s about it.


Updates 7.31.12

So, I’m sure many of you heard of  the Sensation magazine before. Well they had open positions so I decided to apply for the Fashion Stylist and just today I checked my email and . . I was accepted! 😮

I was really surprised because you know, I love the Sensation magazine and I can’t believe I actually get to be part of the staff! OMG, I just gaaah! I’m so happy. Yeah I had to let you all know that. The bad part of it is that it gives me less time to work on Adoptacy but I’m not going to cancel it, it’ll just take a very long time for each chapter to come out. I already have some pictures done for the next chapter so I promise there will be a next chapter.

I’m just so happy! Oh I have also joined another competition which seems really fun! It’s called Flair which is a headshot comp where you take picture of your models face in different themes and such. The first assignment is freestyle and I have an idea for it. ^-^

That’s all for now you guys! Happy simming!


Hey guys! I’m back from my vacation. Even though I do miss being at the beach I miss my home even more. I just realized how much I missed my desktop computer after two weeks of checking on my comps with a laptop -.-

Anywho, I almost forgot about this problem there was with my computer that I haven’t fixed when I left for vacation. The problem is that my omputer keeps shutting down for no reason. My dad is trying to help but so far no luck. I really do hope he fixes it soon, because I’ve been planning to join Inspiration Cycle 3 and I need to create the first assignment picture for the application and its due on Monday I believe. So yeah, I’m pretty worried that my computer is going to be messed up like this for a long time and I don’t know.

And I still have to update Adoptacy which I owe all of you for not updating it in a long long long time. Hopefuly my dad can fix it. If you’re wondering I’m on a laptop right now . . Other than that, I’m happy to be home and I missed all of you guys and my computer and my room and everything! That’s it. (:


Update 6/07/12

So, I felt like I needed to give you guys an update on what has been going on in Dana-land.

First of all, tomorrow is the last day of school for me (yaaaaaaaaay!) which makes me really happy and this gives me lots of time to spend simming, enter some more modeling comps, and finally get out a chapter of Adoptacy (more on that later).  Anywho, this Saturday I am leaving for a nice long vacation for two weeks. I will return on the 23nd so I will not have access to my Sims game so I won’t be able to do any of the above.

After I return I will be refreshed and ready to roll. Now onto Adoptacy, I know I haven’t updated in a loooooong time, and I feel bad. But I have excuse . . its school. So now that school is over I’ll have a lot of time on my hands to work on Adoptacy, I even already have an idea for the next chapter! You guys are going to love it! . . . well I hope you guys will.

What else? Oh yeah, modeling comps. Currently I’m in Model’s Inc. (hosted over at Unbound) and Twisted (hosted over at Sims 3 Writer’s Block). They have both been taken care of, I PM’d the host of Model’s Inc. so that I can work on the two assignment I’m going to miss and Twisted is being put on hold for two weeks. So all is good.

Okay, so remember when I offered to do sim requests? (sorry Ouchie I haven’t even finished yours!) Well now that summer break is starting I might start up the requests again. I love making sims and I would love to make sims for other people, it’s fun. So get your requests ready guys! One reason why I brought this up was recently I entered this sim request contest and while I was making the  sim I was like “this is fun! I wish I could make more” but the host only wanted one sim, which I’ll make a post about later when the winner is announced.

Even though I don’t most a lot on here, I do post more over at Tumblr. So here is a link to my Tumblr and yeah. That’s all i have to say really, enjoy your day everyone! I just looked outside my window, there’s a storm a brewing. Peace!



Dana-world News

      OK, so, here is a little update on what has been going on in Dana-world. First off, these past few days I’ve been on vacation since Spring Break officially started for me last friday. I went to the beach, but I didn’t actually swim because it was quite cold so instead we just walked on the Boardwalk and other stuff.

      Now sim-related details, I’ve joined a genetics challenge (here) its called Shades of Love, it’s basically a legacy challenge but the heir’s spouses and founders are chosen for you and you have to complete challenges every generation.  But this challenge is a little different from the rest because it focuses on different heritages and backgrounds. Feel free to join in anytime you want! ^__^

      Also, *drum-roll*, I’ve joined a modeling competition. Surprised? I haven’t been in one for a while and I’ve been itching to join one for a long time since I took a break from modeling. And yes, I’m using Serena as my model because she is my all time favorite! You must be wondering what I comp I entered this time, huh? Well, it’s not over at the EA forums, nope, it’s over here at the Sims Writers Block. The competition is called Twisted which focuses on different fairy tales each assignment but you have to give it a dark twist. It’s a little darker than what I usually do but it’s nice to do something different once in a while. The first assignment is the fairytale Cinderella and I have already finished and posted it, I think it turned out good. I won’t be showing it untill the scores are posted though. But I will show you my entry form for Serena which consists of a headshot and bodyshot in a dark outfit. (click on them for full-size)


I have also been working on something else that I should’ve been working on earlier but I’m quite a lazy/busy girl xD. Well, I guess that’s all, so I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Spring Break (if you are having one currently) and ta-ta for now!




stuff I should do . . .

1) update more often

2) “play” sims

3) get another chapter out for Adoptacy

4)  say hi to Ouchie (hi ouchie! ^_^)

5) . . . do something

Yup, that’s my list of to-do things for my online world, not for real life, like do homework and study for tests. Sorry that I don’t update so often, cuz, well, I have nothing to update about. My life is pretty boring right now, lol. I already have an idea for the next Adoptacy  chapter, so hooray for that and for the update more often part, well, this is an update right? And the weekend is here so I can play sims, and HI OUCHIE!!!!! There, lol. And last of all, I’m doing something right now, so check, check and check! (: I feel proud.

– Dana