Through the Lenses: Modeling Competition A2 & Scores

Here was the second assignment and my scores for it. We had to do a haute couture photo (which I suck at because I don’t understand it) and the twist is that the shadows have to be strong and dramatic. But however bad I might be at styling haute couture, I still like how my photo turned out ignoring the requirements for the assignment.


b&w Haute Couture

Dana & Analeigh Strauss

High fashion 8.5/10
Model expression 9.5/10
Relativity to assignment 9/10
Quality 10/10
Overall Appearance 9.5/10
Model Appearance 9/10
Creativity 9/10
TOTAL: 64.5/70
Comments: Amazing Dana! The pose is so high fashion and I love the angle of the camera. You really nailed the usage of gray tones. I see you are like the only one who included dramatic shadows but I think you could’ve included some of those shadows on Analeigh’s body as well. I also think she could have more high fashion makeup. In addition, the clothes are definitely not High fashion Haute Couture so that lost you some points as well. But other than those things, a truly lovely image!



I received third place! Which I have to admit is pretty good due to the other entries you guys haven’t which are amazing. But I did my best! The third assignment has already been posted same for the fourth because they were posted at the same time since the comp host, Elastic, is leaving on a vacation. I’ve already completed my third assignment and I am currently working on the fourth. So yup! :3

Have a great day everyone! 




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