My Summer So Far . . .

So I haven’t been posting much on this blog and I want to make it up with this post! My summer so far as been pretty good! In June I went to the beach and then just recently I have been to Canada, which was a lot of fun. For my trip to the beach, my sister and I invited along a mutual close friend of ours, Bella. I haven’t told you guys about her but she is my sisters age but since my sister and I are really close, I have spent a lot of time with Bella as well so we are also really close. Anywho, during the trip we went swimming a lot and had icecream and it was fun! I also have some piccys down below I took to share with you guys.






IMG_0770 IMG_0775 IMG_0786 IMG_0801 IMG_0831





For the trip to Canada we went to none other than Niagara Falls! We didn’t bring a long Bella but it was still really fun. We walked along the streets and went down and rode “The Maid of the Mist” for a closer look at the falls. Yeah, we got really wet. And I also took some photos for that aswell. :3


IMG_1063 IMG_1117 IMG_1178 IMG_1240 IMG_1246 IMG_1257 IMG_1270 IMG_1280 IMG_1308




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