Through the Lens: Modeling Competition

Heeey everyone, so since its the summer I have some extra time to join a comp and so I decided to join this one on Unbound. It’s called Through the Lens and it’s hosted by Elastic. The comp’s theme is black and white high fashion. I decided to enter one of my favorite models, Analiegh. The sign ups closed on Sunday (the 7th) and before we could officially start there was a mock assignment which was a natural black and white headshot. And if it got over 14-15 entries there would be an elimination based on the mock assignment. So here is my entry and the results.



B&W Analiegh


Dana &  Analeigh Strauss
TOTAL: 134

High fashion 9.5/10
Model expression 9/10
Relativity to assignment 9.5/10
Quality 9.5/10
Overall Appearance 9.5/10
Model Appearance 9/10
Creativity 9/10
TOTAL: 65/70
Comments: Analeigh is too stunning for words to describe! The pose is perfect and has a hint of seductiveness with her soft and pouty lips. The eye contact is perfect and the lack of major makeup and simple hairstyle are perfectly perfect and meeting the requirements. Lovely! The only thing is, parts of her shoulder and neck are just a little too sharp and pointy for such a soft and lovely photo as this one. Excellent start!

High fashion 10/10
Model expression 10/10
Relativity to assignment 10/10
Quality 10/10
Overall Appearance 10/10
Model Appearance 9/10
Creativity 10/10
TOTAL: 69/70
Comments: This is probably my favorite photo from this round! It is true raw beauty! You’re model looks gorgeous and Beaver, those eyes are gorgeous and she’s smizing too! It also has a very beautiful and natural look while remaining within a high fashion elemant because of the positioning and just her gorgeous face angle! My one problem was the overlapping eyelashes. It just looked like there were 2 layers of eyelashes, going to different ways.


So I got first! That’s a great way to start since there are some experienced simmers in the comp too (Beech for example, who runs Sensation magazine.) I’m not very good at high fashion but this is a great way for me to get better at it. The first assignment was already posted and I’ve already finished it. The assignment was to do a Haute Couture bodyshot or waist up shot, but we had to include dark and dramatic shadows. You guys will see it when the scores have been posted. C:



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