Once Upon A Time: Cycle 3

Signature #2


So, my simmer friend, Whisk, and I have been working on this comp cycle for while now and we finally launched it! I know I’m a little late on posting this but there are still spots open for you all to join. But first what is this comp about?

Once Upon a Time is story-telling fairy tale comp. Usually in the previous cycles, what you had to do was that for each assignment there was fairy tale chosen and then you would take picture. This time we are kicking it up a notch! This time you will be telling us the story!

You get to chose a well known fairy tale from a list Whisk and I compiled and then also give a twist. But from there you decide how things go and its up to you to be creative!

Each assignment will be a chapter in which you will be required to take a photo of a certain period in your story (introduction, climax, etc) and adding a description as well. You will be putting together a full story until the end of the competition. It will be a non elimination competition this cycle, meaning everyone will be get to finish their story, however your cumulative points will not solely decide the winner. Rather than submitting your model you will be submitting your main character.

Are you guys interested? Then come and join over at the officials or at unbound! Just wanna lurk? Follow this tumblr blog and keep track of all the chapters and read the fairy tales as they progress!

Whisk and I worked hard on this comp and I hope you all take some time to check it out!



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